DT Swiss suspension fork F 232 ONE 29″ 100mm


Cross country has progressed – the descents are steeper, the climbs more technical and man-made obstacles such as rock gardens, berms and drops set new requirements for rider and machine. The F 232 ONE is engineered to meet those demands. Combined with the XC-optimized LINEAIR spring curve and the three-position INCONTROL damping, the F 232 ONE is ready to chase – whether for a podium or a personal best.

The suspension fork can only be combined with DT SWISS X1900 wheels.

SKU: 8bar-772


The F 232 ONE from DT Swiss is a suspension fork for cross-country use. The damping is adjusted via a lever on the handlebar (“Two-in-One-Remote”). This allows you to adjust your fork to the respective terrain while riding without having to take your hands off the handlebar. You can also control your shock with the lever – this keeps your cockpit tidy and clear. You can ride your 29″ mountain bike in three different damping levels: OPEN, DRIVE and LOCK. The OPEN mode dampens even the smallest shocks and is therefore suitable for downhill rides. This mode can also be finely adjusted in 13 steps. In DRIVE mode you get medium damping, perfect for technical uphill rides. In LOCK mode, no damping is achieved and the applied power is converted exclusively into propulsion, which is advantageous on predominantly flat ground.

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