8bar PIZZA front rack


The 8bar PIZZA front rack is suitable for the 8bar MITTE, MITTE STEEL, FHAIN v4, FHAIN STEEL v2 and KRZBERG v7 Comp and any other fork with rack mounts.

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The 8bar pizza front rack is perfect for carrying a pizza… or anything else with it.

With its length and angle adjustable struts, the front wheel carrier can be mounted on any bicycle that has eyelets on the fork.

  • easy to mount and dismount
  • material: aluminium
  • maximum load: 10 kg
  • weight: approx. 600g
  • size: 36cm x 27cm
  • mounting material NOT included

It is optimal to mount the PIZZA rack on forks that have mounting holes near the lower end of the fork. You can also mount it on forks that have mounting holes on the lower half of the visible fork.

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