8bar Saddle Bag


The new 8bar saddle bag has a capacity of 6-13l – small enough for the next micro adventure and big enough to carry a lot of equipment on your next bikepacking tour.

The waterproof, welded nylon keeps your gear dry in the next rain and the saddlebag also serves as a mudguard.

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8bar Saddle Bag – a bikepacking essential

Our 8bar Saddle Bag just got an complete makeover! It is designed as rollt top bag, which will be attached directly to the saddle with two buckle fastener straps and two velcro straps for the seatpost. The new waterproof bag has a lot of useful features to be the best bikepacking item you can have for the next tour!


The 8bar saddle bag has a large capacity of 13l. Due to the roll closure it can also be used rolled up with 6l. This makes it ideal for the next Micro Adventure or for a bikepacking tour lasting several weeks. The elastic strap on the top of the bag allows you to safely carry your rain jacket or anything else you might need quickly. The valve on the underside provides quick and easy compression and even more compactness.

The saddle bag is made of durable, waterproof nylon material and the cut parts are seamlessly welded together. This keeps your equipment dry in the next rain and the saddlebag also serves as a mudguard.





Colour black
Available Attachment velcro and buckle fastening
Material waterproof nylon
Size (L / W / H) 72 cm x 35 cm x 16 cm
Capacity 13 litres
Weight 700 g


Additional information

Weight 0.39 kg
Dimensions 42 × 19 × 12 cm

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