Rent and test an 8bar bike.

You are able to rent an 8bar bike at the 8bar Showroom in Berlin.

Whether you’re are looking for a proper and reliable bike to explore Berlin with or want to fully test an 8bar bike before purchasing it, renting an 8bar bike is always a good idea.

At our showroom in the heart of Berlin we have many 8bar bikes ready for you. When you rent an 8bar bike you not only get to cruise around town on a bike you want to be seen with, you also get to experience the quality and uniqueness of 8bar. It is also the perfect way to test a certain frame before getting your own 8bar bike and the best of all; when you purchase one of our bikes after your rental period, your rent will be fully refunded!

The best for last: If you buy an 8bar bike after you finished your rent, we will reduce your rental fee from the amount of your bike up to 200,– EUR. 

Address for pick-up

8bar Showroom
Köpenicker Str. 100
10179 Berlin
directions: google maps

Store Opening Hours

Tue-Fri 12-18h
Sat 10-16h

Booking Request

+49 30 20954518