Better safe than sorry: 8bar team x Hiplok cooperation


Since the 2016 race season we’re happy to have Hiplok as a official supporter for the 8bar team. Now we just got the newest generation of Hiplok bike locks in our 8bar online shop as well (click on the picture below).

Since Hiplok is known not just known for high quality and innovation but as well for sleek designed products, we feel Hiplok bike locks fit perfectly with our 8bar bikes. Within the “Real Rider Testing” the 8bar team tested the Hiplok DX, Hiplok DXC and the Hiplok ORIGINAL SUPERBRIGHT and helped in this way to improve and create cool products.

Come by in our 8bar showroom in Berlin or check our Online store to set up yourself with a new state of the art bike lock to protect your bike. And make you look not just hip but Hiplok.

Photos: Stefan Haehnel /

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