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8bar MITTE – Now available in new colors!

We love cycling and we love to do it the whole year round. With the 8bar MITTE we reinvented the wheel and developed an All-Road-Bike that can changes its geometry completely from a road bike to a cross and adventure bike. It is back in stock and available in new colors. 

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8bar adventures – Morocco – The Movie

We love to ride our bikes ourselves and go on trips that deviate somewhat from the average. This time we decided on Africa, the Atlas Mountains in the middle of Morocco to be more precise, as our next destination. 

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New Zealand by bike? Why not?!

Roberto from Italy is an adventurer who discovered several destinations by bike so far. Now he has been to New Zealand with his 8bar MITTE for a couple of weeks. Here is his story. Prepare to become jealous now.

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