Stefan at the Morvélo CityCross in Halifax, England

The Morvelo Citycross was held in Halifax, England. The course was a combination of some smaller up and downhills, a steep climb and a really muddy section. Not to forget the jump and beer shortcut… Perfect conditions to test the brandnew TFLSBERG v1 Singlespeed Cyclocross frame and the ULTRA carbon wheels (prototype).
Stefan from 8bar bikes raced in the Novice class which had around 40 riders. There was one qualifying round and one final. The qualifying was over 20 minutes and Stefan finished second.

After the second qualifying there were xx riders qualified for the finals which was held over 30 minutes. Stefan had a really good start and was leading the race after the first two rounds. There was just one guy faster then him and he finished again on second place.

Conclusion Stefan:

“It was so much fun riding the course and the atmosphere was really good. The Bike felt 100% confident at all time. Even when I jumped the drop I didn’t feel any flex or weakness of the frame or wheels. Looking forward to ride again in 2014.”


Photos: Greg Falski  


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