RED HOOK CRITERIUM Milan 2012 – Race Report

Stefan was at this year’s Red Hook Criterium in Milan. You find the race report below.


Race details:


– 22 rounds / 0.8 miles per round
– Total distance: 19 miles
– 100 racers
– Suggested gearing: 49 × 15
– Electronic timing
– Fixed gear bikes with no brakes required
– Drop bars and helmets required
– Lapped riders are disqualified


Bike Set-up:

Frame: 8 bar – KRZBERG v2 – lime.yellow
Wheels: 8 bar – SUPER
Cranks: 8bar – MEGA Prototype
Seatpost: Thomson – Masterpiece
Stem: Thomson – X2
Handlebar: 8 bar – SUPER drop Prototype
Pedals: Shimano SPD
Tires: Continental – Grand Prix 4000
Saddle: Selle San Marco – Zoncolan Urban
Translation: 52×16



I arrived a few days before the race in Milan to meet some old friends and visit the Bicycle Film Festival. The BFF is a nice event with a selection of some real nice movies.

The days passed and the Red Hook Criterium got closer. The race was on a Sunday afternoon in the centre of Milan. When I arrived two hours before the start, the route was already closed and some riders already warmed up. There were riders from all over the world, including the MASH guys from San Francisco.

The whole event was very professional and most of the riders and bikes reminded more of a professional six days race as an “Underground Fixed Gear Criterium”. Shaved legs and carbon everywhere… But you can’t blame anyone for this. With Fixed Gear Criterium it’s just like with everything else… If something is good, it just gets commercially at some point. No matter… the mood was definitely very loose.

I felt slowly a bit of an inner tension. This was my first time at the Red Hook Criterium and I talked to some riders in the last days that already competed in former races. The goal for most of them was not a good position, but to complete as many laps as possible. The question was not “How was your position last year?” but “How many laps did you do?”

My goal was definitely to stay as long as possible in the peloton. I knew as soon as I got off the field, I will fall back and get overlapped a few rounds later. So my goal was not after 22 rounds, but each successive curve.

Then things got serious. The first two rows were occupied by the favorites. Because there was the first prime right after the first round the speed was up right from the start. There were a lot of position battles, which were also the reason for two crashes in the first round. The speed was mostly above 30 mph. After half of the laps the peloton consisted of only about 50 riders.

Because of a attack from Francesco Martucci the speed even increased towards the end. After 22 laps it was finally accomplished. I was soo exhausted, but happy that I made it at the same time… I ended up finishing 26th. A total of 100 riders were started, but because lapped riders got disqualified, only 27 riders made it to the finish line.

It was overall a great event and very well organized. Thanks to David Trimble and Co.. Next year I’ll ride again for sure. Hopefully I won’t be the only starter from Germany any more…

Thanks to Michela von Savino for the nice photos:



1st: Evan Murphy – Stan Ridge Speed ​​Bikes – USA – 38:04 min – 48.5 km / h average

2nd: Eduard Grosu – Desgená – Italy – 38:04 min – 48.5 km / h average

3rd: Chas Christiansen – MASH SF – USA – 38:04 min – 48.5 km / h average

4th: Francesco Martucci – IRIDE – Italy – 38:04 min – 48.5 km / h average

5th: Walton Brush – MASH SF – USA – 38:05 min – 48.5 km / h average

26th Stefan Schott – 8bar bikes – Germany – 39:11 min – 47.2 km / h average



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