Rad Race Last Man & Woman Standing – 8bar successful again


text: Hagen Lindner
photos: Stefan Haehnel /

It was the third year in a row that the Rad Race took over the Heidbergring in Geestacht. Built to be raced on by motorbikes, this course is perfect for a fast and fun bike race on fixed-gear bikes as well as on roadies. For the 8bar team and the 8bar rookies there was no question but to join a weekend of camping, celebration of DIY bike culture and – of course – the elimination race tournament.

We were many and we were hungry to race


With five Rookies and seven 8bar Team riders, 8bar was one of the best represented groups. And with Sebastian Körber as last year’s winner, the hopes of ending the weekend with great results again where very high.


Robert Bolsmann fought his way up to the semi-finals and was the most succesful 8bar Rookie.



Antonia raced the open class woman race and finished 10th in a field that became significantly bigger and stronger over the last years.



As part of the 8bar Team Til, Sebastian, Paul, Max, Konrad & Stefan raced the fixed gear mens field. After a few close calls in the first rounds nearly all the team riders made it into the semi-finals.

Last Man Standing – There can be only one!

When the final race was about to start, it was quite clear that it was going to be tough to make it to the podium. Many of the competitors have experience in the Red Hook Criterium series and other international fixed-gear crits. It also just stopped raining, so the race track was still soaked. Another challenge in a more or less equally strong field like this was that at the end of every lap the whole group had to sprint for a position and not become last. With every round the last rider was eliminated and often it was nip and tuck. Paul got a bit stuck in the second sprint and became 9th. Til raced smart to the 4th position and almost made it on the podium with his 4th place. After Johannes Killesperger from Mess Pack Berlin was left behind on the 3rd position, Sebastian knew that he had to come up with a good strategy against Alexander Müller / Maloja Pushbiker. In the last corner Sebastian positioned himself well at the outside of the curve and won in a very strong final sprint against Alex and kept his title of the “Last Man Standing”.

In the woman fixed-gear race Marion Dziwnik / Team Standert defeated Karla Sommer / Schindelhauer Gates and Johanna Jahnke / Why Be Normal? and became “Last Woman Standing”.




Rad Race Team Time Trial

A new thing this year was the Team Time Trial that was held Sunday morning. Anybody could combine at least 3 riders to participate, mixed teams by gender and bike type were possible. The rules were simple: Race 5 Laps (= 4.185km) as fast as possible, only the time of the third rider that crosses the finish line counts. For the 8bar Team Max, Stefan and Sebastian competed and outpaced the fastest time to that point – placed by Mess Pack Berlin – by 5 seconds: 5:42:000 minutes.

Only the Canyon Rad Pack was faster in the end, but with gears. So it’s worth to mention that 8bar was the fastest fixed gear team in the time trials. The 8bar Rookies took 7th place in the end with the support of Alex Müller. All in all it was not just a prosperous weekend, but we also had an excellent time.

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