Rad Race – Last Man Standing Berlin 2017


Last Saturday the Rad Race Last(wo)man Standing marked the beginning of the new season 2017 for the 8bar team and some of our 8bar rookies. It was exciting, nerve-wracking, emotional, but all in all a great success and big fun as usual.


The opening race at a go-cart track in Berlin is indeed very special and utterly thrilling for the one who races and for the audience. The track is very technical and full of curves and only few straights. Sprinting, braking, riding clean and safe – if you follow these three rules by keeping an eye on your opponents, you will compete well in that race. But it sounds easier than it really is. One factor is of course the growing professionalism of the teams, which was a trend of the last couple of years, and seems to reach its peak that season. The starting list is probably the most international ever of this year’s Lastm Man Standing and Lastw Woman Standing on the go-cart track, hosted by the Rad Race crew. The more satisfied is the 8bar team with its great results and performance and of course the outstanding 1st place on the podium for Sami as the last woman standing.


After a short break Antonia joined the racing circus again and did well in the qualification. She showed a clean performance and a great form, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to attend the final yet. But two women of the 8bar team qualified: Sami and Carla got off a perfect start and entered the leading positions. They dominated the field of riders clearly. Due to bad luck Carla fell and lost her chances for the podium. After a second fall she chose not to start over again and quit her race luckily only with some bruises, but with a strong 4th place. Sami could hold her leading position until the end of the race and took the top of the podium with a big smile. Yeahh!!!




The boys of the 8bar team have shown a great performance and shape and made it to the final in a double crew with Stefan and David as well. It was a strong final line-up with previous year’s winner Augusto Reati, Stefan Vis and Addison Zawada.


Right after the start David took the second position in the first corner and the slipstream of the leading Zawada on his behalf. After an unfortunate start Stefan was able to make up a few positions with taking the curves pretty clean and with strong accelerations. But in the fourth round his final was over with a solid 5th place and as the best German participant in the whole race.



All in all the 8bar team showed their strength and power and not only owned the win in the Last Woman Standing but achieved the best team result, too. We are looking forward to a great season and are very excited about it.


Photos: Stefan Haehnel

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