Rad Race Fixed42 world championships – the biggest fixed gear race in the world


photos: Stefan Haehnel /
text: Hagen Lindner

Last Sunday the “Rad Race Fixed42 world championships” took place for the second time on the streets of Berlin. 500 riders from 27 nations raced for the unofficial title of the fastest fixed gear rider. With Maxe Faschina and Carla Nafria De Miguel the 8bar team made it on the podium two times and became 4th in team ranking.

warm up phase


The biggest fixed gear race of the world took place as part of the Velothon Berlin. On the final 42km of the closed street course, where every year thousands of road bikers ride, the start of the Rad Race Fixed42 was in Ludwigsfelde,a bit outside of Berlin. The 8bar team started with eight riders: Max Baginski, Stefan Schott, Maxe Faschina, Sebastian Körber, Til Schuster, Konrad Opitz in the men and Carla Nafría De Miguel and Sami Moreno in the women race.

summary of the mens race


After a 3km neutral start phase the field went on the “Autobahn” for about 20km. Now the field was on full gas and the speedometer showed 50km/h plus as everyone wanted to stay in the front. If you once stock in the field it was hard to get to the front again. Any attempts on an early attack got chased done quite easily by the competitive field of top motivated fixed gear riders. The big field stuck together pretty tight, but eventually stretched out more after we left the highway and approached the first curves. Some minor crashes caused to split apart the field.


On Tempelhofer Damm there was another attack from Marius Petrache (Cinelli Chrome) and Jonas Schmeiser (Team SM-Parts). Luckily our team rider Maxe Faschina realized that this was the perfect spot and bridged the gap together with Luca Gibbin (Ridewill – Oscar Cycling), Silvio Pusch (Team Standert) and Alexander Müller (Maloja Pushbiker) on the Tempelhofer field.


After the Tempelhof airfield the group got already a solid gap. As most of the top teams had someone placed in the leading group, the pace went down a bit in the peloton that now contained about 40 rider. For the last 12km the group managed to stay away even though at some points the work was not shared and everyone seemed to wanna safe energy for the final sprint to become the Fixed42 world champion.


After rushing through the center of Berlin, the riders passed the Reichstag and Siegessäule before they hit the final 1000m of the Velothon track. No one wanted to pull for the sprint on the long stretch on Straße des 17. Juni, that was filled with people watching, clapping and screaming. In the end Silvio Pusch went for it but couldn’t hold off three of the group that passed him just before the finish line.


At the end Alexander Müller became the new Fixed42 world champion. Marius Petrache made it on 2nd and our team rider Maxe Faschina on a great 3rd place.

Summary of the womens race

For the girls the race started quite hectic: During a crash within the 3km neutral phase the starter field got cut down to about 20 rider. This big group stayed together basically the entire time. After a race dominated by watching each other and playing it save and mildly it was all about the final sprint. Carla made a fantastic sprint and finished on 3rd place just behind  Jasmine Dotti (Ridewill – Oscar Cycling), who is now the new Fixed42 world champion and  Juliet Elliott (Charge / Assos) on second place.  Sami who got stuck behind made it still on a great 9th place.


Overall it was a great event and with a forth place in the team ranking we nearly managed to be on all three podiums.

Thanks to the great organization and to our fans for cheering to us! We are already looking forward to the next races!

After the race the whole team chilled out at the booth of our friends from Adidas Cycling.

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