Poll: Modern sloping or aggressive low pro?


By developing the new 8bar KRZBERG V7 a pretty important question came up where we want to involve you.

We need your opinion.

How should the new 8bar KRZBERG V7 look like?

The 8bar KRZBERG is the first model that we ever produced in 2011. Since then it was always our high end fixed gear bike. Now we are planning the 7th edition for 2018 and would like you to help us with the development of the newest version.

There is one decision only you can help us with:  

Modern sloping or aggressive low pro? 


VOTE for your favorite type of frame right away and with a little bit of luck you’ll WIN one 8bar FHAIN Frameset matt sky asphalt in your size or one of 3 popular 8bar Accessoires Packages consisting a 8bar gym bag, a mini tool, a cycling bottle and a 8bar beanie in your favorite color.

Prizes Poll

+++ The voting is over. We informed the winners via email. +++

We are overwhelmed by the huge amount of participants. Almost 3.000 people voted for their favorite style.

We thought that the decision about modern sloping or aggressive lowpro will be close, but at the end lowpro won with 57% of all votes.

We will consider your opinion. Stay tuned how the new 8bar KRZBERG V7 will look like.


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