One Gear – One Goal


That’s the philosophy of Elie Cazzadori from Reims in France.

Elie is going to ride from Reims to Lisboa in Summer 2014 on his Singlespeed bike.
With this ride he wants to collect donations for the association “The Children of the Moon” who helps children with Xeroderma pigmentosum*.


If you want to support his project, please donate here:
All donations go 100% to the “Children of the Moon” association.


Elie also got a facebook page and blog where you can follow his journey:


*Xeroderma pigmentosum is a rare genetic disease which is characterized by an excessive sensitivity of the skin to the U.V. rays of the sun. The sick patient cancontract a skin cancer before the age of 10 years old and can’t go out in broad daylight at the risk of burning the skin in the slightest exposure. More than half affected children die before their 20-year old birthday.