8bar cycling apparel now in stock!!!

übersicht_1500x1000(Click on the image above to check out the whole selection of 8bar cycling apparel)

Good news for all of you that are looking for some fresh cycling clothing. 8bar cycling apparel is now in stock in our online store.

We have many new items available for you! You can now find all parts of the professional race kit from cycling caps over bibs and from jerseys to shoe covers. The quality of the items is highly reliable and you can choose between the 8bar Team design and the 8bar Rookie Edition.

If you’re a fan of nice hats and caps, definitely check out our Caps & Beanies section! We have some new designs there for you as well.

8bar Team


The 8bar team is a team of eleven international riders that share their passion for fast bike races, mainly on track bikes. Successful in races around the globe such as the Red Hook Criterium, Rad Race or National Moutarde Criterium.


8bar Rookies


The 8bar Rookies is the biggest fixed gear team in the world and counts more than 50 riders from over ten countries. It’s more than just an amateur racing team, it’s an open and worldwide community of riders that share a passion for track bikes and racing.

(Click on the image above to get more infos about the 8bar rookies)


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