8bar MITTE on KICKSTARTER – The 1st real All-Road-Bike


Today we reach out to you to give you some first sneak peeks on our newest innovation: the 8bar MITTE. For our newest bike model, we literally re-invented the wheel and came up with the idea of a convertible all-road bike, the 8bar MITTE.

The 8bar MITTE is your perfect choice if you are looking for a bicycle that you can use as a Road-, Cyclocross- and an Adventure Bike. It can change it’s Geometry completely and transform from a Road- to a Cyclocross- or an Adventure Bike. We like to invite you to be part of the creation and therefor to join our first crowdfunding campaign on


all year cycling

We simply love to ride and we love to do it all year. But with season changes and different requirement depending if we like to go for a cross ride or go on an adventures camping trip on our bikes we always found it hard to decide which bike to get. We often were looking for the “one-fits-all” solution.


The 8bar MITTE – The 1st convertible All-Road-Bike

It is not just another “Gravel Bike” that you can use for all purposes. The 8bar MITTE can change it’s geometry completely and transform from a road to a cross or an adventure bike.



Thanks to sliding dropouts and 2 different forks the bike is coming with, it easily can be transformed. This way it fits different types of tires, can adjust the bike geometry to your needs and store travel bags on racks as well as fenders.

That’s why the 8bar MITTE is your perfect choice if you are looking for a bicycle that you can use as a Road-, Cyclocross- or Adventure Bike.


be a part of the creation

But we feel special about the 8bar MITTE in other ways too. To produce it we need your support. That’s why we will do a crowdfunding campaign, which starts on Wednesday, March 16th 2016.

We already believe in our new bike, but we like to hear what you think about and like you to be involved in the process of creating it.


With you as part of the project, your feedback and your support we can bring our new baby to live. That way you will also get an exclusive chance to be within the group of very first people that will have a 8bar MITTE. As well as you gonna be the first to see more exclusive footage of the prototype in action.

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