First race in 2017 – 8bar at Rad Race @ Velodrom Berlin


Although it is still winter and the season is just about to start, the first race in 2017 just happened last weekend. It was a Rad Race Lastman and Lastwoman Standing that took place in a very special venue: The famous Velodrom Berlin as a part of the official program of Six Day Berlin.

That means that we kind of shared the track with the pros of the scene, such as Robert Förstemann, Nate Koch, Maximilian Levy and many more. It was overwhelming.

Unfortunately not all members of the 8bar team could join the event due to sickness and injuries. Get well soon, guys!

That is why only Stefan, Max, Sami and Carla from the 8bar team and 8bar rookies Alex and Daniel were able to start. Alex unfortunately crashed in the qualification for the Lastwoman Standing. Luckily she just left some skin on the track, but nothing else. She is doing fine, but couldn’t join the finals as well as Daniel. The four of the 8bar team made it to the finals, but not to the last race for the podium.

Nevertheless everyone enjoyed the unique event. It was the first race and there are many more to come. It was definitely a highly motivating event which gives us another incentive to spend more hours on our bikes to be prepared for the upcoming season.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. – We didn’t do both but had a really good time on and off track.




Photos: Stefan Haehnel

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