Critical Crit – Session Eins

A Berlin Fixed Gear Crit Training Series


General Information:

8bar bikes presents the first Fixed Gear Crit Training Series in Berlin. A lot of people want to attend races like the Red Hook or Gijon Crit… but this is not possible without proper training. So we thought about doing a Fixed Gear training series every two weeks on changing courses. There are some primes every few rounds to train sprinting.


Points for primes:

1. Place (5 Points)
2. Place (3 Points)
3. Place (2 Points)
4. Place (1 Points)
last prime = double valued


Session Eins – O2 Arena – June 11th 2013

This is a perfect Fixed Gear Crit course. Sharp corners and fast straights tracks.

laps: 20
lap length: 1.0 km
overall: 20.0 km
prime laps: 15, 10, 5, 0 (last  lap = double valued)

The race was easy going until the first prime. Afterwards the race got pretty fast and the peloton was devided into several groups and some riders good overlapped.



1. Place: Stefan – 8bar bikes (25 points)
2. Place: Maxe – 8bar bikes (11 points)
3. Place: Max – 8bar bikes (11 points)
4. Place: Johannes (7 points)
5. Place: Benedict (3 points)



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