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8bar CRIT 2019 – Race Review

This years 8bar CRIT was very special with more racing than ever before. The new system included three different race formats: a TIME TRIAL, a POINTS RACE and a  CRITERIUM. There were women and men categories for each race. The riders collected points in every discipline. At the end the points of all the races were added up to find the one overall winner. 

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8bar team rides Rapha Prestige Bohemia

Two cyclists sitting on a stone ledge.Their gravel bicycles are just below them.They are both wearing a cycling kit.

The Rapha Prestige tasks teams of four with an all-day adventure across stunning terrain. Unsupported and un-marshalled, the rules are simple: start and finish as a team, and pass through all the checkpoints. Of course the 8bar team didn’t want to miss this opportunity. We were prepared for approximately 180 kilometres of rolling terrain. Starting […]

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8bar Team dominating the SBSB Crit Berlin

The SBSB Crit is a yearly fixed gear crit taking place on the grounds of Stone Brewery in Berlin. With it’s very technical course plus cobblestones it demanded a lot from the riders. This year, an international field with participants from Germany, France and Netherlands competed in the race. After two laps (850m length) there […]

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Rad Race Fixed 42 – Nico takes the first win in a solo break ever!

  The Rad Race Fixed 42 World Championships is a very special race each year. Being very fast only the strongest riders survive. In cooperation with the Velothon Berlin, an amateur cycling race, the course was set to 42km. Starting in Ludwigsfelde just outside of Berlin, then going on the Autobahn and last but not […]

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Fast, Faster, 8bar crit 2018 – the race review!

Picture of cyclists taking a long left turn during the 8bar crit 2018, a race for brakeless fixed gear bikes. The bikes in general are colorful, just as the cycling kits worn by the riders. The picture shows the bikes from the profile, riders go from the left of the picture to the right. In the background is a vintage silver airplane with a red line in form of Z painted on it. The clear sky occupies half of the picture.

  Once a year we are hosting our very own 8bar crit fixed gear bike race. It is a joy to see so many familiar faces year after year again, all ready to give all they’ve got in the races ahead.   In 2018 the 8bar crit took place in a new location. It was […]

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8bar riders at Rad Race Last Wo/Man Standing Review

  Last weekend the Rad Race Last Wo/man Standing did take place and our 8bar team as well as our 8bar rookies have been very successful once again! The Rad Race Last Wo/Man Standing is a well established race in the fixed gear scene by now and exists since four years. Although this year’s edition […]

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8bar crit 2018 – Fixed Gear Bike Race

The 8bar crit is back with its 2018 edition on April 14th! As usual we are preparing a fast, but technical race course for you! Exciting for riders as well as spectators! This year the 8bar crit will be held within the VELO Berlin bike show program on Tempelhofer Feld. While the VELO is running […]

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8bar Last One Standing Berlin 2018

  Last Friday it finally happened: the 8bar Last One Standing in the Berlin Velodrom as part of Six Day Berlin! You can say it was a special day for all of us. The 8bar Last One Standing originated in 2015 on Tempelhofer Feld as a race for everyone with a focus on both fun […]

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Fast, faster, Red Hook Crit Milan

After a long, exciting and very successful season, the racing year for the 8bar team finished at the Red Hook Crit in Milan. It was fast, it was good, and thanks to the outstanding teamwork of the 8bar team, David was able to secure his 3rd place in the overall ranking.

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Sensational success at Red Hook Crit Barcelona

Last weekend, the famous fixed gear race “Red Hook Criterium” took place for the fifth time in Barcelona. It could be said that it went quite well for our 8bar team, but that would be immensely understated. It was a sensational success, which so far has not succeeded by any other team.

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8bar Crit 2017 – go fast or go home

For the third time the 8bar crit took place on Berlin’s Tempelhofer Feld. More than 150 cyclists competed in a fixed gear crit and in the new road crit on the 1,000-meter-long and technically demanding circuit.

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8bar Team at Red Hook Crit London #3

The Red Hook Crit is the biggest fixed gear series in the world. The professionals of the fixed gear scene meet in the famous race series, which stops in the metropolises of New York, London, Barcelona and Milan. It is clear that the 8bar team is at the start. This time we went to London.

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