Carla from Madrid and her 8bar KRZBERG v2

This is an interview with Carla from Madrid, Spain. One of the most passionated Fixed Gear riding girls in Spain.

Name: Carla

Born/ Residence: Madrid/ Spain


Occupation: Student


Bike Set-UP:

Frame: 8bar KRZBERG v2 – polished raw

Crankset: BLB Pista 46t 165

Pedals: Shimano M540 SPD

Handlebar: Deda

Stem: Deda forze2

Saddle: Charge…

Seatpost: 8bar – SUPER

Wheels: Weinman rims and Gurpil hubs…. :L haha

Gear Ratio: 46-16

When and why did you start riding a fixed gear bike?

Well, I´ve always like to ride bikes.Before I moved to Madrid, I used to compete in Duathlon, so when I moved to a big city I bought a road bike to start trainning again and compete, but I got to know all the people that now are my friends, and all of them rode fixed gear bikes, so I built a single speed on my bike. Later on I got some fixed gear wheels and since then I havent stopped riding my bike everywhere.


How often do you ride your bike?

I´ve been riding for two years almost every day around the city, but lately I´ve also trainned a lot


What kind of bike ride do you enjoy the most? (city rides, training, races, etc.)

I find them all enjoyable, I love to pedal around the city cuz Madrid its got loads of downhills and big avenues. On the other side, I like to train also because its where u push your limits and see how far u can get. I´ve been very competitive (in a good way) since I was a child, and even tho I get very nervous at competitions, I enjoy it a lot!


What do you enjoy besides riding bikes?

I´ve always loved running, I like to get very fast..haha. I also love cooking, and overall, I really enjoy hanging out with my mates..always with our bikes of course..hehehehe


Anything else?

I´d love to thank FIXEDLAND for all the support and making it easier, to my best friend Robert (he got me into fixed gear bikes, and I always have fun with him), and last but not least, my personal mechanich, my boyfriend Carlos, he´s always there for everything supporting and helping!


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