8bar X MotörReeen – get one of ten hand painted KRZBERG V5


written by Hagen Lindner
Photos: Stefan Haehnel /

The story begun when René aka MotörReeen walked into the 8bar show room with his custom painted rusty bike, almost a year ago.

It was clear to Stefan that we needed to collaborate somehow. “I’d never seen anything like it before… Because we wanted to do something completely original the design process took us nearly a year. But the result is amazing and truly outstanding.”

It’s finally here now

MotörReeen is a painter from London, driven by the beauty of decay and heavily influenced by Ratrods, the custom motorcycle scene and heavy machinery.

The aggressive geometry and clean lines of the 8bar KRZBERG V5 track frame are the perfect canvas for the dystopian combination of Camo and MotörReeen’s signature rust. Each paintjob tells a story – hand painted, one-off.

There will only be ten of the 8bar X MotörReeen frames produced, with the number x/10 on the seatpost. Every single piece is unique and will be hand painted by the artist himself after your order is placed. The lead time will be around 8-10 weeks.

The artist René aka MotörReeen says “I grew up in Berlin, and with my studio now in London, it’s great to come back to collaborate with 8bar bikes. This project really pushed me. The combination of the two key elements – camo and rust – had to be distinctive, and the balance had to be just right. I wanted to create the paintjob I’d like to see, on a bike I’d like to ride.”

You can order your 8bar X MotörReeen from at the 8bar shop. The price for the frame set is 1188,-€.

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