8bar team x Kappstein – High quality components for your bike

8bar team x Kappstein – More than just a collaboration

Together with Kappstein Bike Technology we at 8bar developed a chainring in 2015, which was tested and used by the 8bar team. Starting from there, our cooperation grew and we’re happy to have Kappstein as a sponsor for the 8bar team in 2016. The company from Thuringa, Germany is well know for their high quality bike components which are used by professionals all over the world. Kappstein develops their own chainrings, tested by the 8bar team at fixed gear crits around the globe.

The “Pro Line” now offers a chainring and sprocket made for 11-speed chains, which is available now. Tested not only by the 8bar team at fixed gear crits around the globe, but also during the Olympics 2016 in Rio by the German track riders.



Kappstein “Pro Line” – light, stiff, posh & fast


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With the sprocket and the chainring from the “Pro Line” Kappstein optimized on a variety of areas, including weight, stiffness, function, surface treatment and the material itself. The chainring is CNC machined in six different steps out of a 5mm 7075T6 aluminum plate. The design looks outstanding and so is the performance of the chainring. With only 99 grams (49T) and a great stiffness this chainring is a must have for everyone who values design and performance.

With the new “Pro Line” products Kappstein wants to establish a new standard for track riders and fixed gear fans. These two words stand, among others, for a optimized drive train in form of a new chainring “Ruphus” and a new designed sprocket, both are rideable with 11-speed chains. The have been specifically developed for the competitive sport and its extremely high demands. Besides the drastically reduced weight, the “Pro Line” will run much smoother because of the smaller contact area.

The 8bar team is already riding the “Pro Line” in fixed gear criterium races right now like the Red Hook Crit.


Kappstein components for your 8bar bike

You can now update the drive train of your bike with Kappstein premium parts as well. Just check our webshop and choose between the regular sized “Ruphus” chainring and “Kappstein Sproket” for standard 1 1/8 track chains or the “Pro Line” for even better performance, made for 11-speed chains.


– click on the picture to get to the shop page –

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