8bar x Biking Borders – Cycling 15.000km for a good cause


8bar is proud to be one of the main sponsors for Biking Borders. Max and Nono, the two faces behind Biking Borders are doing a trip from Berlin to Beijing – 15.000km of cycling – for a good cause.


But what is the motivation behind such a project? Well, both of them just graduated university and realized that education is a privilege which shouldn’t be taken for granted and is also one that is denied to many children on this planet. Therefore, they plan to raise 70.000€ to build a school in Guatemala with the help of Pencils of Promise, a charity organization.


They just started their trip two weeks ago in Berlin and plan to finish their trip within one year. On their way they will face all kinds of extreme climates and weather conditions. Cycling through 20 different countries like Austria, Turkey, Greece, Kosovo, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and finally China, they literally bike borders –physically and mentally.


So, if you like the project, donate some money to support this great cause and trip! We will keep you updated on their journey but you should also follow their Instagram page and check out their website.

Photo Credits: Biking Borders