8bar team testing the new adidas cycling gear

8bar_ adidasSS2016-24

The 8bar team had the pleasure to test the full range of adidas cycling apparel for summer 2016.

Adidas showed one more time what’s possible in terms of design and functionality.

They extended their range with a reflective jersey that’s perfect for sunset rides so you will be seen by the cars on the way back. Another jersey that stands out from the line is the Anthem Cult Jersey that you can wear for cycling but also for coffee afterwards.

Here are some pictures of the 8bar team and friends testing the new cycling gear in Berlin.


Photos: Stefan Haehnel /


8bar_ adidasSS2016-22

Eva – Adistar Jersey + Adistar Bibs / Antonia – Supernova Reflective Jersey + Supernova Bibs/ Max – Anthem Cult Jersey + Adistar Bibs

8bar_ adidasSS2016-4

8bar_ adidasSS2016-6

8bar_ adidasSS2016-7

8bar_ adidasSS2016-9

8bar_ adidasSS2016-10

8bar_ adidasSS2016-11

8bar_ adidasSS2016-12

8bar_ adidasSS2016-14

8bar_ adidasSS2016-15  8bar_ adidasSS2016-17  8bar_ adidasSS2016-20

8bar_ adidasSS2016-21

8bar_ adidasSS2016-23

8bar_ adidasSS2016-25

8bar_ adidasSS2016-26

Full range here:

8bar team x adidas cycling

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