8bar Team dominating the SBSB Crit Berlin

3 cyclists smiling to the camera while showing their trophies. An 8bar tmplhof is in front of them

The SBSB Crit is a yearly fixed gear crit taking place on the grounds of Stone Brewery in Berlin. With it’s very technical course plus cobblestones it demanded a lot from the riders. This year, an international field with participants from Germany, France and Netherlands competed in the race.

After two laps (850m length) there was already the first prime, which Stefan Schott of the 8bar team won. Immediately afterwards the race continued at a fast pace, allowing six riders to break away from the field – four of them riding for 8bar team!

Due to the dominance it was possible that again and again an 8bar riders started solo attack. Unfortunately the gaps were always closed by the other team riders.

When there were still ten laps to go, Robert Kessler put down the hammer and was able to establish a 10 second gab that he held until the finish line. Not a bad result for his first fixed gear season.

Since there were still three riders of the 8bar team in the chase group, they were able to play their cards so well that Nico Heßlich, Tim Ceresa and Stefan Schott secured second, third and fourth place.

After the fixed gear crit is before the road crit

Part of the 8bar team also took part in the roadbike race. Since the race took place only 30 minutes after the fixed race, there was hardly any time to recover. Right from the start, full throttle was driven through the strong field of drivers. In the end Tim Ceresa finished in an impressive third place, just like in the fixed race.

We are proud of the success of our team and look forward to the next races!

Photo Credits: Stefan Haehnel