8bar TEAM at the Garage Race – Prague

Max x Stefan went to the Garage Race in Prague.

The Garage Race is a unique race format, which is held inside a car Garage. We were not really sure what to expect when we heard about the Garage Race in Prague. But the videos and pictures we saw looked like fun!!!

There were over 40 riders participating and the race format was 1 on 1 K.O. System… Right from the start you had to go two levels up the garage, then three levels down and one level up again to cross the finish line.

Because we never rode in a Garage we used the Warm up time to practice on the course. At the beginning we were really careful, but then got faster and faster… and then it was really fun! It felt kind of riding on a roller coaster for bikes…

Max made it on the third place and lost in the half finals against Milan Svoboda the future winner. Stefan made it into the finals and finished second place.

It was a really nice event and we had a lot of fun.
Thanks to the organizers (funbikes) , who did a really good job.

We are looking forward to race again in 2014.


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