8bar Team at Red Hook Crit London #3

The Red Hook Crit is the biggest fixed gear series in the world. The professionals of the fixed gear scene meet in the famous race series, which stops in the metropolises of New York, London, Barcelona and Milan. It is clear that the 8bar team is at the start. This time we went to London.

Stefan, Niki, David, Tim and Nico were greeted by bright sunshine on their arrival in London on the day before the race, but the typical English weather was not long in coming. Just in time for the warm up on the race day, the rain and the storm set in, which should continue until the final.

The Red Hook Crit (RHC) was held in London for the third time. The RHC is known for its dynamics and high speeds. This is always a race on the limit. Rain and a wet road are therefore another challenge.

The biggest challenge has been the changes to the road. Changing floor coverings from asphalt over rolling track and cobblestone pavements and ground irregularities, where more and more puddles formed over the rainy race day, brought the riders and the material to their limits. The riders had to fight with mechanical problems and crashes, which negatively affected the race course and the safety. Some voices came up, which consider the circuit to be unsuitable for a world class race like the RHC. We also think that there is potential for improvement for the next year.

When the qualifying phase was still more moderate during the first few rounds of the qualifying phase, the pace of the circuit also increased from round to round. All riders from the 8bar team have mastered the qualification well and thus came to the finals.

Because of the rain, unfortunately the well-known Red Hook-mood did not show up until the final race. The riders and teams were looking for a dry shelter in cars and tents, only when the rain stopped they came back together again to race or to cheer.

At the final the adrenaline increased. It is always impressive to be at the starting line of the final race at the RHC. The final of the men had its ups and downs. After a crash it came to a restart – a very special situation. After ten rounds of full speed the race was stopped. The men then lined up again at the start-finish line, full-pumped with adrenaline and hot to continue the race. Everyone had only the next rounds in their heads, everything else didn’t matter. Reviewing this situation this was probably the RHC moment for the guys from the 8bar team.

David and Tim had a strong final. Both were most of the time within the top 10 riders. Unfortunately, David had a mechanical defect due to the detached finish line that didn’t stick to the floor any more because of the heavy rain. Tim and Stefan remained in the race and made it to the finish line with a great 10th and 34th place. The team is now on 8th place in the overall series ranking.

In the women’s final there was also a crash like it happened in the final of the men, but a restart remained unfulfilled. Niki, however, completed fast laps and finished 27.   


Here are some more impressions



Photos: Jason Sellers

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