8bar Team at Rad Race LAST MAN STANDING Berlin

This was the first edition of Rad Race Last Man Standing in Berlin.

The idea is simple. There are always 8 riders on the track. After each lap the last rider gets kicked out… In each qualifying group the four fastest riders get to the next round. The format continues until the finals. Now the race was going on for 8 laps until the LAST MAN STANDING and winning the race. This way every round was really interesting and exciting for racers and spectators as well.

The first qualifying round were easy going but from the quarter finals the races got faster and the risk taking of the racers got higher… which unfortunately caused also some minor crashes. Luckily noone got seriously injured. But

Overall there were over 100 racers registered for the race. The 8bar team considered out of four racers (Stefan, Stefan H., Maxe and Max). Maxe and Stefan H. were both really strong in the qualifying rounds. Unfortunately Maxe was involved into an accident in the quarter finals and couldn’t finish. Stefan H. made it to the half finals. Max and Stefan saved their power in the qualifying laps and showed their skills in the finals. They both made it to the podium. Max took home the victory and Stefan finished third.

Thanks for the very good organization by Rad Race and the awesome crowd!

Photos: Stefan Haehnel (

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