8bar team apparel – available now!

Our 8bar team is represented in the most prestigious fixed gear races around the world and competes successfully in the front spots of the starter field. In addition to the high-quality and reliable 8bar bikes, clothing is also crucial here. Stop making compromises: The 8bar team apparel is now available.

The 8bar team consists of international riders who combine their passion for fast cycling, especially fixed fear crits. In the last couple of years they have been successful in the Red Hook Crit series and the various Rad Race formats. With adidas the 8bar team has a strong partner at its side, who equip the team with smart professional cycling clothing, which is now also available to you in our webshop.


8bar team skinsuit – for women and men

Designed in Berlin, made by adidas cycling and proven by the 8bar team in races all around the world. Gaps between your shorts and your jersey basically act like miniature sails, catching wind and pulling you backwards while you lose valuable seconds. The adidas skinsuit is designed to eliminate these gaps, reducing drag and effort so you can make up valuable time and feel fresh in the finale. To stop hems from flapping and slipping, the skinsuit features silicone bands at the legs and sleeves. The front zipper is small and low profile, to reduce drag and increase comfort.



8bar x adidas team jersey – for women and men

The jersey is made from the best materials and comes with a lot of tech features, made for performance cycling. This is the original jersey as it is raced by the 8bar team at races around the globe.

It’s designed with a cut that stays snug against your body during intense rides. An upper back panel made from a breathable polyester blend provides efficient airflow. It helps keep you cool in warm conditions with a full-zip front and 8bar graphics.



8bar x adidas team bib – for women and men

The bib is the most important part of the bike outfit, because it determines the joy you’ll have on your bike. This bib not only has a sleek design, but also fits like a second skin. The unique pad is soft and moisture resistant and that makes the difference. It keeps you comfortable during long hours on the saddle. Do not be bothered by poorly fitting bibs or pants anymore, try the 8bar x adidas team bib and experience the difference.



8bar team jersey replica – unisex

Before the race comes the training. This jersey is your companion for all of your training rides. It is also made of high quality materials and countless features that provide comfort and support you you on your rides.







Photos: Stefan Haehnel, Jason Sellers

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