8bar teams at Rad Race Last Man Standing – Berlin 2016


What a race, what an event! The 8bar team and 8bar rookies had a blast at the Rad Race Last Man Standing – Berlin last weekend. The race was well organized and the crowd was amazing.

Thanks to our sponsors adidas cycling, DT Swiss wheels, Brooks and Kappstein.

Photos: Stefan Haehnel / recentlie


Here is a short interview with 8bar team rider Stefan Schott:


Explain us the format of the Rad Race – Last Man Standing – Berlin?

It is a elimination race on a Go-Kart track. There are always eight riders on the track. After each lap the last rider gets kicked out, so in each qualifying group the four fastest riders get to the next round. The format continues until the finals. Now the race last for eight laps until the LAST MAN/WOMAN STANDING wins the race. This way every round is really exciting for racers as wel as for spectators.


What is the main difference between riding on a Go-Kart track and riding on a regular Criterium circuit?

Fixed Gear racing on a Go-Kart track is so much fun because it is not the fastest rider who wins this race, but the one with the best skills. There are only a few spots on each lap where you are able to overtake people. So you need to stay focussed all the time. It is also not so dangerous compared to other criterium races with higher maximum speed.


How did the 8bar team and the 8bar rookies do at this years Rad Race – Last Man Standing?

We had a lot of riders at the starting grit and we are more then happy with the results. The level was super high with some Fixed Gear pro riders that were already riding on the podium of some Red Hook Criteriums before. Malte Jürß managed to get a top result for the 8bar rookies and made it until the semi finals. I’m also very glad with my fifth place as I didn’t have time for any training within the last six weeks. Carla showed her strength and won every head forerun with a big gap to the next girl. Unfortunately she made a mistake in the final and crashed in the very last corner. But you could see that she has true “racing blood” as she just stood up and ran across the finish line (with just one shoe).


What is your secret for this race?

  1. Be fast in the corners and accelerate only as much as necessary on the straight line.
  2. Focus on your corner technique and don’t push it to hard in the earlier heats. It is better to save your power until the finals. If you win one of the earlier heats and loose the next one you have done everything wrong.
  3. Always know the position of the guy in front of you. If you crash because of someone in front of you it is not his fault. It is your fault because you didn’t see it coming.
  4. Always know the position of the guy behind you.If you have to look back to see where the next guy is he most probably just overtook you at the same time on the other side.


Which Set-Up do you recommend?

Gear: My gear ratio was 48/19 (2.53). It is the best ratio for this kind of racing as you have to slow down and accelerate a lot.

Handlebar: I prefer to run a road drop handlebar because I’m used to it. I think you should use the same handlebar type that you are using for your daily training.

wheels: I was riding tubular wheels from Dt-Swiss for the first time on the Go-Kart track. I really felt the difference when cornering compared to clincher tires.













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