8bar Team @ adidas Headquarters


For quite some time adidas is not only the sponsor, but a reliable partner for the 8bar team. Together we’ve already executed some great projects and there will be a lot of more to come. That is why adidas invited us to their headquarters in the Bavarian smalltown Herzogenaurach.


You’ve got it absolutely right: The international top brand adidas has its roots in a really small town called Herzogenaurach. Until today you feel the soul and the vibe of the founder Adi Dassler. His core values are still lived – only the best for the athlete.

Back then Adolf Dassler took over the well running family business which was known for the production of carpet slippers. Adi Dassler changed the product into sport shoes and the success story of adidas began. Probably he couldn’t imagine what impact that would have – the worldwide success AND a kiss from Carla.


With adidas he created an internationally esteemed company which has a great reputation for innovation and progress in the sport sector. Professionals from all over the world are coming to Herzogenaurach to develop new technologies, work on further improvements and outstanding designs.



The visit of the headquarter was a really impressive experience with a wow-effect for us. We were allowed to take a look behind the scenes and got some great insights. It was awesome to see that day by day a lot of motivated people work on the product to make it better and better. That spirit of inspiration and the motivation of the employees is really catching. Once again we’ve become aware of how proud we can be to have such a good partner by our side.


During a break we checked out the football ground. Obviously some of us have some real talent in soccer as well. The football ground has a long tradition. At that time as well as today the sport court at the adidas headquarters is one of the first places where new products get tested right away. Everywhere you look at the headquarters you see that the main focus lies on sports. That is what we have in common with adidas, too. We all spend as much time as possible on our bikes to improve and go beyond our individual limits.


Last but not least we took a look at our new racing kits. Unfortunately we can’t show you more for now, just one fact: We love the new design! Stay tuned.













Photos: Stefan Haehnel

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