8bar MITTE – Now available in new colors!

We love cycling and we love to do it the whole year round. With the 8bar MITTE we reinvented the wheel and developed an All-Road-Bike that can changes its geometry completely from a road bike to a cross and adventure bike. It is back in stock and available in new colors. 

3in1 – road, cross & adventure

The 8bar MITTE is a 3in1 All-Road-Bike which can be transformed from a road to a cyclocross or an adventure bike with just a few easy steps. Because of adjustable dropouts and two different forks the 8bar MITTE can be converted easily. The geometry of the bike changes accordingly to your individual needs and allows you to use different types of tires, add travel bags and fenders. Look, how easy it is:

3in1 Comp

The MITTE 3in1 Comp is the perfect everyday setup. It comes with the Shimano Tiagra groupset, 8bar SUPER components and offers you the best price-performance ratio. The MITTE 3in1 Comp is available as a ROAD SETUP with a racing geometry, as a CROSS SETUP with upright seating position and all-terrain tires for off-road riding and as a ADVENTURE SETUP with the option to attach fenders and racks.



3in1 Pro

The MITTE 3in1 Pro is the sportive setup with high-end parts. It comes with a Shimano Ultegra groupset, hydraulic disc brakes and either 8bar GIGA or MEGA parts. It is the best of the best. Likewise the comp version, the MITTE 3in1 Pro is available as a ROAD, CROSS or ADVENTURE SETUP.



With the MITTE Urban you don’t neew to give up on sportiness, speed, comfort and design on your daily commute through the city and on your way to the office. The MITTE Urban is available as singlespeed or with multiple gears. The straight riser offers a comfortable position. It is the perfect daily commuter for you to conquer urban environment. Like the road and cross setup the MITTE Urban is also available in as a COMP and PRO version.



Available in new colors

The MITTE frameset is available in new colors: Space Red, Matt Polished Raw, Ghost Black and Space Blue. All framesets include a road and/or cyclocross fork, an integrated a-head set and a seat collar. You can choose, if you rather want to use the MITTE with a road setup or with a cross setup. With the additional fork you can easily change your MITTE from a road to a cross bike or the other way round.


The crucial test in Morocco

The 8bar MITTE is made for more than just one adventure. It is the perfect bike for the road and beyond. After a successful crowd-funding campaign we were able to produce the first 8bar MITTE bikes. Before we made it available in our shop, we have tested our new All-Road-Bike heavily to make sure that it really performs on all kind of roads. The first crucial test led us to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, far away from touristic and paved roads. From humid climate in the far north to the extremely dry Sahara desert. Bikepacking only. Gravel roads preferred.

8 days, 840km and an overall altitude of 12,000 meters. We’ve crossed sparsely populated. lonesome regions. Over the time the road changed from asphalt to gravel and was getting steeper and steeper. It indeed was an experience that we will never forget. Further the 8bar MITTE performed perfectly. After that trip it was clear for us, that this bike is ready for others to experience their own bike adventures with the 8bar MITTE.

See our movie about our 8bar adventure Morocco HERE

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Photos: Stefan Haehnel, Antonia Bartning, Stefan Schott


8bar MITTE – Winner of the Bicycle Brand Contest 2017

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