8bar Last One Standing Berlin 2018


Last Friday it finally happened: the 8bar Last One Standing in the Berlin Velodrom as part of Six Day Berlin! You can say it was a special day for all of us. The 8bar Last One Standing originated in 2015 on Tempelhofer Feld as a race for everyone with a focus on both fun and racing.

This time we sticked to fun and racing, but the environment was completely different. Instead of racing the dirty streets of Berlin the race was held on a brand new track inside Berlin Velodrom and as part of the professional events of Six Day Berlin. For many riders this was a very special opportunity! You don’t get the chance very often to race a professional track within such an atmosphere!






The race day itself was split in two parts around the Six Day Berlin program. After their arrival the riders started training on the track from around half past 12 pm. This was followed by the Men’s qualification races, the women’s semi finals and again the men’s quarter finals before the rest was held late at night starting shortly before 12am!



The riders quickly found their confidence during the first heats and were fighting hard in order to avoid being sent off grid. Nonetheless only four riders of each group could make the cut.

During the men’s quarter finals the pace increased even more! A shocking moment for all was a crash including Lucas Sawallich (BIKE PUNK) and Karsten Zeiger (Schindelhauer-Gates). Neither of them caused the crash but both were unlucky to get caught in the trouble. Luckily no serious injuries occurred and we still wish both of them to get well soon! The jury found Lucas as well as Karsten still qualified for the next round in the spirit of fair sportsmanship!

Late at night right in the middle of all the noise and lightshow of the Six Day races the Last One Standing riders gathered again for the final heats! The Velodrom was still full of people and cheered for every rider!

Within the men’s semi finals Yannick Sinske, Johannes Killisperger, Robert Schmidt and Dominik Blome were able to step up their game in group A and make it to the finals. For group B it was Folkert Zwiers, Marcel Laurenz, Dominik Konstantin Schmitz and Peter Bielau!




The clock was showing shortly after 12am when the tension in the venue was still thrilling since, finally, we were coming to the finals for women and men! It has already been a long day racing but not one of the finalists seemed to be tired. Everyone was focused and ready for the final fast laps on the beautiful track.

The women started with a compelling race where Jane Drage (Keirin Berlin) and Kim Kohlmeyer (Suicycle Team) fought super hard for their third and second! Isabel Tambach (8bar Team) was able to make the first place! Congratulations to all of them!




For the men’s final there certainly were a few favourites coming from the heats before. Johannes Killisperger and Folkert Zwiers were certainly fit to the point both taking first place in their semi finals groups!

Both turned out to be able to keep up their pace with Dominik Konstantin Schmitz (SORE) taking third place, Folkert Zwiers (Beach Bastards) taking a close second to Johannes Killisperger (mess pack berlin) with a smashing first place overall!





We want to thank Six Day Berlin, Velokonzept and everyone who either raced or attended the event as a spectator! It was a blast for us to transfer an event from the streets to the track and we are here to come back!




All pictures by Stefan Haehnel