Crossing Europe – Bike Check

So far so good… I’m right now on a trip trough Europe by bike with my friends from Cycle Me Home. I joined them in Edinburgh and went by bike through Scotland and England to get the ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam. It was an amazing trip so far. Scotland and England has such a beautiful landscape. Right now we are in Amsterdam for a few days.

Because there were some people asking me how to prepare for such a trip. I made a bike check.

Check list:
– 8bar KRZBERG V2 prototype
– MISSION WORKSHOP Vandal backpack
– SIDI Spd shoes
– Cratoni Bullet helmet
– 2 Jerseys (fahrtwind Berlin & Cycle Me Home)
– 2 Cycling bibs
– Arm & leg warmers
– Rain jacket ( really important for Scotland)
– Wind vest
– 2 Undershirts
– Pair of Jeans
– Sweatshirt
– 2 T-shirts
– 3 pairs of socks & boxers
– Sunglasses
– Camera
– Towel
– Washing things
– Multitool
– Repair kit
– Air pump
– 2 extra tubes
– Bottle holder
– 2 Cycling bottles

written by Stefan

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