8bar CRIT 2019 – Race Review

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 Cyclists racing at the 8bar crit, a bike race. Around them are many spectators watching the race.

This years 8bar CRIT was very special with more racing than ever before. The new system included three different race formats: a TIME TRIAL, a POINTS RACE and a  CRITERIUM. There were women and men categories for each race. The riders collected points in every discipline. At the end the points of all the races were added up to find the one overall winner. 

No time to be slow! Every race counted to win this years 8bar CRIT 2019 – Fixed Gear Tournament. The 8bar CRIT was held again within the VELO Berlin bike show program on the Airfield Tempelhof. While the VELO bike fair was running inside the old terminal building 8bar occupied the field in front with exciting race action!

A fast, but technical race course with six sharp turns and hairpins on a total length of 1000m made it exciting for riders as well as spectators.


Starting with the thrilling TIME TRAIL heats on Saturday the riders only had one round that decided in which category they would start in the following POINTS RACE. 114 men and 22 women were qualified for the races A and B: 51 men and 10 women started in the faster A-category.


In the following we will give you quick summary of the Women’s and Men’s A Race.


The 12 laps women’s POINTS RACES  were very tactical ones. A strong  Team Maloja Pushbikers FEM with three riders participating in the A-race also managed to step on the podium: Sofie Mangertseder won the A-race. Paola Panzeri  from Team System Cars-Look-Comense 1887 won the 2nd place and Tamika Hingst from Team CANYON RAD PACK got 3rd.


The men had to ride 20 challenging laps on the 1 km circuit on the Airfield Tempelhof. Adrien Merkt from Team Schindelhauer Gates already had a 5 second gap over the other riders after a few laps in the A-race. Just in the middle of the race one of the inflatable event arches collapsed! But even after the necessary restart nobody was able to get Adrien anymore. He held his lead towards the end of the POINTS RACE. Nico Heßlich from the 8bar Team got a remarkable 2nd and Stefan Schäfer from Team Tekkerz finished 3rd place. 

The final CRIT race on Sunday brought the decision who got the overall win of all 8bar CRIT races this weekend.


The rider field of the women’s CRIT rode very close together so it remained thrilling to follow until the end of the race ! But then Paola Panzeri from System Cars-Look-Comense 1887 won the final sprint which finally got her the overall win of all women! Eléonore Saraiva from Team Cinelli Smith won the 2nd place in the CRIT and Karla Sommer from Team Schindelhauer-Gates got the 3rd.



The fight was on from the beginning in the 8bar CRIT Men’s race and the riders started at a very high pace. There were many different speed groups, but it was very hard for a single rider to get the lead and leave those groups. Then in the final hairpin some of the first riders crashed! Luckily nobody got hurt seriously. Olivier Leroy  from Team Cinelli Smith managed to win the CRIT race followed by Nico Heßlich from the 8bar team and Edwin Kerkhof from FAST AMSTERDAM.

At the end the points of all three formats were summarized.

The overall winners in the A-Races are…


  1. Adrien Merkt Team Schindelhauer-Gates
  2. Nico Heßlich 8bar team
  3. Olivier Leroy Team Cinelli Smith


  1. Paola Panzeri System Cars-Look-Comense 1887
  2. Sofie Mangertseder Maloja Pushbikers FEM
  3. Eléonore Saraiva Team Cinelli Smith


Here are the results for all categories including the age classification:

Men A Final 

Men B Final

Women A Final

Women B Final

Team Results

All pictures by Joshua Meissner (@justjoshm)

The 8bar CRIT is a fixed gear bike race on a fast and technical course with approximately 1km length. The full event runs on fixed gear bikes in a brakeless setup. This combination challenges the riders not only to be quick, but also to race intelligent.

The best way to get an idea of what the 8bar CRIT feels like is by watching a short movie. It’s more than just a regular race! It is the biggest fixed gear crit in Germany.


In 2019 all riders had to ride a TIME TRIAL, POINTS RACE and – last but not least – a CRIT.


There are heats with 10 riders each. You start all together and you have just one lap to get a good time on the track. According to your lap time you will be ranked in the next race. Your position in the head doesn’t matter.


Women have to race 12 and men 20 laps. A sprint is held every four laps, with 5, 3, 2, and 1 point(s) being awarded to the top four finishers in each sprint, with double points for the final sprint. The winner of the race is the one to have the most points at the end of the race.


The only thing that counts is the final sprint.


We couldn’t do the race without the support of our sponsors! 
Thanks to all the sponsors who support 8bar crit 2019!


Here are some unforgettable moments of the latest 8bar CRITS. Thanks to all the riders for participating and pushing your limits so hard. Thanks to all the fans, supporters and photographers. The race atmosphere is spectacular because of you!


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