The London Nocturne Crit is a race in central London. In addition to normal road bike races, there are races with Penny Farthing, Folding, Fixed Gear or Cyclocross bikes.

As soon as Maxe x Stefan from the 8bar team heard about this event it was clear that they need to attend. In addition to the Fixed Gear Criterium, Stefan also wanted to participate in the first Urban Cyclocross Race.

Since it was not possible to take two bikes per person in the plane, the challenge was to have a bike which can be used for both races with just a few small changes…


Urban Cyclocross Race – 4pm:

The Urban Cyclocross Race was held on the normal race course. The difference was that there were some obstacles and traffic lights…. Yes, traffic lights! If you run over a red light you get a penalty of 10 seconds.


Race Description – Stefan:

I wanted to take the Urban Cyclocross Race as a “warm-up” for the Fixed Gear Criterium. After a few laps I noted that we were just only three guys in the leading group… now I had the will to win! One of the other guys was on a geared bike and the third guy on a Singlespeed road bike. As I was riding on the TFLSBERG Singlespeed Cyclocross bike it was clear that I had just a few chances in the sprint. The only way to win this race was to get rid of these two guys earlier… I tried my luck about 1.5 laps before the finish line and could keep a distance of around 50m to the next rider until the finish line.

It was an amazing feeling winning this race and I was totally astonished of the amount of spectators that came just for the race!


Fixed Gear Criterium – 7:30pm:

The Fixed Gear Criterium was held on the same circuit as the road bike race. The course was about 1km long with a 200m climb.


Race Description – Stefan:

My legs were still heavy because of the Cyclocross race and I hoped that the competitors also wanted to take things slowly at the beginning… Unfortunately not! The race was really fast right from the start. After three laps I looked at the clock and saw that we just did 4:30 min… I was already looking forward to the finish line!

Due to the climb and the fast pace several small groups were formed. The top group consisted of three riders including one rider from the UK and two riders from the Italian Cykeln Racing Team. I ended up in a group out of four riders, including a Cinelli team rider, Rudy Melo from Fifth Floor and Jacob Dean from Tokyo Fixed London. I finished on 10th place and was more than happy as I rolled across the finish line…

For Maxe it was the first time riding an international Fixed Gear Crit. He ended up on a good 12th place.

Maxes comment after the race: “I NEVER felt so much pain in my life.”


Stefan résumé:

The word SLOW doesn’t exist for Fixed Gear Crits… Roadies got the chance to relax a bit in the corners. Fixed Gear Riders don’t. Corners are actually the most exhausting part in the race. You have to decelerate or skid, be aware that you have the right speed and then accelerate the hard gearing out of the corner again! Since the speed of Fixed Gear Crits is getting faster and faster and you ride it without brakes you need to be alert every second, because most mistakes are followed by a crash. That’s why you can’t win a Fixed Gear Crit with strong legs only… you also need a lot of other skills.


Photos: Matte Palla – Cycle Me Home Crew



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